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About Stress Management and Wellness

Woad Wellness is  company specialising in assisting people to better understand themselves and their environment in a simple non threatening manner.

Woad Wellness presents a no-nonsense, honest, lifestyle programme that is designed to assist people in all countries where excessive stress and performance pressure is experienced.

We  focus on simple and practical areas where people need extra help in attaining their lifestyle goals.

The Woad Wellness resources have been developed by Craig Cox - A South African resident who has successfully worked and thrived in a very diverse and stressful environment.

Craig holds a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Science. He also spent five years at university studying English Literature, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Psychology, Philosophy and Music. He then started an import export commodities business trading food and minerals in Africa and China. He worked in this field for 18 years with varying levels of success and stress!

Whilst working, Craig continued to study and achieved diplomas in Import management, 3D Animation and design, Real Estate management, IT, Hypnotherapy and Diamond Evaluation. He has also studied extensively most aspects of Religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Alchemy), human spirituality, meditation and served a four year apprenticeship to qualify as an Inyanga (Traditional African Healer or Shaman)

He currently lectures on Stress, Wellness and Meditation, and consults in Johannesburg and Pretoria as a RSA and USA Certified Hypnotherapist and Parts Therapist.


Wellness is a perpetual feeling of self empowerment which allows you to live at your highest possible potential in all areas of your life, and helps to create the time and energy to improve yourself and others.