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Hypnotherapy Outline  

The hypnosis consultation consists of a pre-induction discussion, and a trance induction during which the reasons for the consultation are addressed, and where required, foundations are laid for possible future sessions.

We typically explore the client’s sub conscious motivations for various behaviours as well as identifying suitable solutions or resolutions. Sometimes follow up sessions are required. This would be decided on a case by case basis.

The initial session is between 60 minutes and 90 minutes, with follow up sessions (if required) of 45 minutes.

- Pre-induction Discussion

This serves to create rapport with the client, and helps the therapist to start to build a subconscious psychological profile of the client so that the therapist can target specific subconscious triggers that are constantly re-enforcing the client’s repetitive behaviour pattern.

- Hypnotic Induction

A simple process whereby a state of  hypnosis is induced in the client. This involves the client sitting comfortably in a therapy room, relaxing and allowing the therapist to talk them down into a state of trance. The client’s brain wave function moves from Beta to Alpha where it stays for the duration of the therapy.

- Trance Work

A Resource Anchor and Resource State are established for the client for use in the session and for future use. The sub conscious and or psychological motivators identified in the questionnaire are re-framed in accordance with the client’s request and comfort level. Future integration is done at this stage.

- Trance Termination

Once the re framing and future integrating has been completed, the trance is terminated. Post hypnotic suggestions as per client’s request.

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