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Weight Management Eating Guidelines

Suggested eating and food combination plan

Eating and nutrition should eventually become a wonderful life enhancing hobby! If you eat outside of the sample plan below, try to keep a note of what you are eating and when. At the end of the week add up how many portions of what you have eaten. Generating awareness of what you eat will help you to plan your nutritional changes!

Breakfast (Carbs and sugars)

1 mug hot water, slice of lemon and 1 spoon honey.

1 cup cooked oats OR Muesli (replace sugar with cinnamon powder)

+ 2 tbsp raisins or dried cranberries or dried fruit

+ 200 ml plain yogurt or milk

1 slice toast with butter OR jam OR peanut butter +1 mug tea or coffee

Mid morning snack

1 portion fresh fruit - ANY type!

Lunch (Carbs and minerals)

2.5 cups pasta + white / cheese sauce (home made or ready-made)

+ lean chopped ham (~3/4 cup) OR 1/2 cup cheddar cheese & 1/2 cup chopped ham OR 120g lean beef / chicken

+ onion, mushroom, peppers etc. added to sauce +FREE vegetable side salad if hungry

Afternoon Snack

2 pieces fruit or 1 med banana OR 1x 50g chocolate bar

Dinner (Protein and minerals)

1 cup brown rice

4 cups any green and red veggies e.g. lettuce, tomato, cucumber

+ 1 tsp mayo OR 2 tbsp cream cheese or hummus

+ 3 tbsp tuna OR 1/2 cup cottage cheese Or 150g red meat OR 200g white meat

+ 2 table spoons nuts (peanuts, almonds etc)

Wellness is a perpetual feeling of self empowerment which allows you to live at your highest possible potential in all areas of your life, and helps to create the time and energy to improve yourself and others.